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Een boost voor je lichaam, BCAA

As an athlete, you move a lot and therefore you consume a lot of energy. You definitely need energy because you can not move without it. By following a good and healthy eating pattern, the average person automatically receives all the nutrients and energy that the body needs to function properly. But (top) athletes often consume more nutrients than they get through their diet. A solution to this problem are supplements. For example, take BCAA , many athletes use this to support their eating and sports patterns.


Amino acids

BCAA is an abbreviation for “branched-chain amino acids”, or branched-chain amino acids that your body can not create. They should therefore be sufficiently present in your daily diet. Often, about 40% of your total amino acid intake per day consists of BCAAs.


In short, you need protein for the build up and recovery of your muscles. These proteins are formed from amino acids, the human body can make up of 20 kinds of amino acids, proteins. Amino acids are used in the body for any metabolic process, including for the transportation, storage and release of water, fats, proteins, etc.


Of these 20, 8 amino acids are the so-called “essential amino acids”, these are valine, ioleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, pethalylanine, threonine and tryptophan. Especially the first three are important, these affect you in one third of our skeletal muscles and have an indispensable function in the growth (and recovery) of your muscles. BCAA supplements contain these three major essential amino acids.


BCAA’s bevinden zich vooral in de spieren waar ze zorgen voor de opbouw en herstel van spierweefsel, daarnaast kunnen ze ook worden afgebroken om vervolgens gebruikt te worden voor de productie van energie. Nog een voordeel van BCAA’s is dat ze zorgen voor minder snelle verzuring van de spieren. Als je BCAA’s goed inzet in je dagelijks dieet, kan dit gunstig uitpakken voor je spiermassa, spierkracht, spiercoördinatie, uithoudingsvermogen en je algehele vitaliteit.


BCAAs come in powder and pill form. This makes it not a meal substitute, just a tool, a supplement, to keep your body in top condition. The opinions when you can best take these supplements are quite divided; Before, during or after sports. If you take them for and immediately after exercising, you catch two flies in a blow. You support your muscles during exercise and you are helping to build muscle and repair.